Relationship Manager (Douglas)

We are looking for a Relationship Manager with at least 10 years relevant experience to manage a portfolio of fiduciary structures with minimum supervision, reporting to the Client Directors as necessary. The duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating the affairs of a portfolio of fiduciary structures
  • Consider tax and legal issues arising and seeking appropriate advice and guidance either internally or externally as appropriate
  • Consider AML and CFT issues and related day to day administration activities
  • Compliance with internal administration policies and procedures
  • Liaising with Clients
  • Liaising with Intermediaries (including Banks, Solicitors, Investment Advisors etc)
  • Reviewing and onboarding new business introductions in line with internal policies and procedures
  • Preparation of correspondence
  • Preparation of statutory forms
  • Preparation of director and shareholder minutes / resolutions
  • Preparation of trustee minutes and resolutions
  • Preparation of payments / electronic payments
  • Input of statutory / client information into electronic databases
  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT Work, if necessary
  • Completing timesheets

The role provides a competetive salary and package for the right candidate.



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